Human Condition

Human Condition is a community-focused arts platform. As a team of 6 we've published four 100-page publications, each of which focusing on different topics, from Seattle's DIY culture, to the fallacy of the American Dream, to the intersection of arts and technology. Through each of these, we've uncovered the stories of the Seattle arts scene by interviewing and featuring writers, dancers, poets, musicians, photographers, and artists.

But we don't only tell stories. We bring people together. We've hosted over 25 events since our inception in 2017, from intimate artist workshops and co-working sessions, to a speaker series in collaboration with the Seattle Art Museum, to an 800 attendee block party to celebrate the release of our second magazine.

Human Condition has been given me a space to collaborate with friends while experimenting with print and layout design, web development, art installation, and event programming. I'm eternally grateful to be able to work with friends to make an impact in a city I care about so much.

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From left to right: Issue 01 — Debut, Issue 02 — DIY, Issue 03 — American Dream
Issue 04 — Art + Technology
An interactive exhibit created in Touch Designer with the help of Ben Chaykin and Yuki Asakura. 3D modeling by Sky Iraheta.
Branding for weekly CoWorking event and cover art for monthly playlist

Algorithmic Mysticism

Critical design for technological decision-making

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