Arts + Entertainment

21 events, 10,000 attendees, 120 volunteers

Historically, UW A+E focused on bookending the school year with concerts and two ballroom events (think big comedian or speaker series). But, we came into the 2018-2019 programming year hot off the heels of our work with Human Condition and fired up about the local arts community. We wanted to break the mold of big events and give a platform to as many local artists as possible while also creating a tight-knit community within the organization.

In just nine months, we took A+E from the usual four to six events per year to 21 events, with a record number of free events, collaborations, and fiscal sponsorships of other student commissions. To build community outside of these events and provide opportunities for relationships outside of event staffing, we hosted weekly meetings with our volunteers where we discussed pop culture happenings, held music video watch parties, and social outings.

Comedy and speaking events with national touring acts.
Workshops with local and national artists.
Workshops with local and national artists.
Saturday morning Office Hours where we brought in local, professional creatives to talk about their work.
Music events and annual concerts, Fall Fling and Spring Show